Ms. Preeti Pantha Finalist, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2023 is an 18-year-old activist willing to bring impactful change through her actions. She started her journey with ‘The Orbona’. Orbona in Roman mythology, is known as the goddess of children. Catering to children, The Orbona initially started as a magazine for kids.

Her Works,

Having published 5 issues addressing different ideas like Women empowerment, LGBTQ+, and Nepali Culture, she is determined to use the power of words. Encouraging young minds to explore their creativity ‘The Orbona’ has successfully published in a total of 100+ articles, poetries, and various artworks. Further using this power of words, she aimed to bridge the gap in terms of financial literacy. As a result, she started the eco-fin blog. With her insightful and well-analyzed statistical economics blog, she aims to bring awareness in terms of economics and financial knowledge. Along with the power of words, she believes in the power of speech. She is also a public speaker, who has served as a President of a gavel club and a Social Activist. Started her public speaking journey as an active member and treasurer successfully, and she was elected the president.

She is also a finalist in a National Public Speaking Contest organized by the Crisis Committee. Having been an effective communicator and listener she continued her speaking journey on a global level. She is also working as a South Asia Facilitator in an organization named Concourse International. As a facilitator, she facilitates communications between peers from different regions of the world. Through her work, she is efficient in embracing and navigating social and cultural differences and similarities.

Confined within the digital space, she then wished to explore the field of writing and creating impact professionally. After Glocal, impressed with her work and ability she was offered an internship at Business 360. To develop her skill set and build her experience, she embarked on a journey as a Reporter. With the initiative that she started on her own, she now added a professional experience that she can use to create further impact. As a reporter with real-life exposure, she is growing in her experiences and abilities.

Along with this, she worked as a UN volunteer for the #ACT NOW social media campaign. As an active UN volunteer, she was determined to raise awareness of the different SDG goals. Creating impact by raising awareness through social media, she effectively uses the power of digital media, keeping her spirit as a social activist alive.

She now plans to further gain experience through her professional work. She believes in learning and helping people to learn. With the learnings through her internship, she plans to invest it in her initiative to grow and reach new heights. Started as an initiative she believes that there is a lot of work to be done and before that, it is important for her to gain knowledge and experience. With this zeal, she affirms to continue creating impact.

Her Journey to Glocal Teen Hero,

She adds, “There was so much to learn from the intellectually stimulating conversations and the experience that I got here would have taken me years to gain. I am forever grateful for their time and valuable experience. Through the interactions, I learned that the sky is not my limit and that change can create magic. These two things are what I am going to carry with me. Change is inevitable and this is what needs to be catered to. I also realized that I need to strive more in whatever I do and explore more, and what I have done is never enough as my ability and capacity will increase forever. In the end, I am taking back endless learning, opportunities, and memories along with me that I can cherish forever.”


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