The winner for the 9th edition of the Glocal Teen Hero has been announced but the legacy of finding enthusiastic and creative teenagers who are actually dedicated to bringing about positive progress in society besides academia has a. This Year, the Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2023 is Ms. Shruti Tiwari.

An 18-year-old teenager from Dhanusha she is dedicated to creating positive change in society by being a staunch advocate for child rights issues, an activist for environmental issues and sexuality rights. She is a dedicated person with the unwavering determination to follow the path of dreams with the thought of growing with the roots of society.

Being an activist, she is looking forward to amplifying her every movement to impact society positively. She is passionate about her work, attentive towards the learnings she perceives, and keeps a keen interest in networking.

Her Work,

She has actively participated in a number of humanitarian and environmental initiatives, displaying her commitment to bringing about constructive social change. She has worked with groups like the Ekikrit Child Club to intervene in instances and protect children’s futures as an advocate for children’s rights, raising awareness about child abuse and marriages. She has participated in significant projects like the “Plasticman Campaign,” which aims to decrease the usage of single-use plastics. She has also successfully coordinated the planting of more than a million trees in the Chure range in coordination with groups like WWF Nepal and SAVE THE CHILDREN, having a good impact on the environment.

She inspired around 20 Dalit and Janjati girls by discussing her own transformational path. She has already stopped 12 child marriages and  3 child abuse. She also exhorted the victims to defend their own interests and participate fully in society. She has always stood for the welfare of the LGBTQI+ community by participating in conversations to address the difficulties and discrimination they encounter by promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Her Achievements,

    • She has made her efforts where she received international recognition, with BBC UK interviewing her for her outstanding work.
    • She has coordinated with renowned organizations like WWF and Save The Children creating a positive impact by conducting a plantation program where the team planted more than 1 Lakh trees.

Currently, she is working with Ekikrit Child Club to intervene the problems like child marriage and child abuse. She is also an active member of Youth For Service and Change where she motivates unprivileged youths to stand out for themselves. She is a co-founder at Skill Wheel where her abilities are polished to bring about adeptness and a learning facilitator at Kayapalat where she raises her voice for burning issues like plastic pollution and climate change.

Her Insightful Vision,

She wants to dedicate herself to the goal of improving society by providing a safe atmosphere for young people to develop critical thinking skills necessary for the future survival of the environment and culture.

Along with her impressive accomplishments, the important factors that made her the winner for the year 2023 were her confidence, soberness, and her will to learn in any circumstances.


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