Mr. Sushan Shrestha is a 17-year-old passionate and dedicated social activist. He is actively involved in numerous endeavors that strive for positive societal transformations. He is advocating for specific causes of raising awareness, mobilizing support, and empowering individuals.

His Work,

Currently, he is working as the president of the Municipal Child Club Network in Sunwal municipality for empowering the children for their rights and spreading awareness about it. He is also working as a member of the Youth Activist Leadership Council (YALC) Lumbini in the Rupandehi district to spread knowledge of Comprehensive sexuality education and its components. Likewise, he is also the campaigner of the Dignified Menstruation Campaign providing education about the importance of Dignified menstruation in his locality, different schools, and stakeholders too. Furthermore, he’s a member of Lumbini Adolescent Boy’s Network, which aims to empower adolescent boys to take a stand for gender equality.

Additionally, he is the vice president of the New Horizon Institute of Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (NHI-STEM) and a Member of the Interact Club of Central Butwal. He has been making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.


He works to raise awareness among children, parents, and stakeholders about child rights, striving to combat issues like child marriage, child abuse, and child labor within his Municipality. Through these efforts, he successfully reduced cases of child marriage by approximately 50-60% and also made progress in combating child labor. He was also involved in the Dignified Menstruation Campaign, aiming to ensure that females experiencing menstruation are treated with dignity and without discrimination.

To promote this cause, he gifted sanitary pads to his mother, sisters, and friends on special occasions, spreading positive awareness. Moreover, Gift for Girls (G.F.G.) The team had succeeded to incorporate Dignified Menstruation programs in the annual budget of the municipality. Through the campaign of GFG, he has enriched and empowered more than thousands of people and students.

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