Ms. Sanskriti Duwadi 20under20, Glocal teen hero Nepal 2022 is a 19 years old passionate writer and gender activist from Kathmandu. She is a writer, classical dancer, and theater artist. She is also a black belt in taekwondo through the ‘World Taekwondo Federation.’

And, she is also Miss Teen Universe Nepal 2022. She has been continuing her project related to transgender prostitutes through Protea. Also, she has founded a literary community ‘The Wordsworthers’ which is a platform for writers to pour and present their academic skills.

Her Works,

She has mentored Endeavor 8848 as the mentor which made the team win National recognition for their project. She has recently been invited as the youngest writer from Nepal for the SAARC literature festival through FOSWAL. Further, she has been a part of the organizing team of an international conference where there was the participation of 20+ countries: Young Professional Fellowship Nepal 2023 through the Global Peace Chain and Nepal Youth Council as the Global Peace Ambassador. Also, she is also a Senior Global Peace advisor in Bonstingl Leadership development, the Social Scientist, and an International advocate for peace worldwide.

Channelizing her social research into a theater and she has evolved as a theater artist. She has been the youngest member of the international play “Macbeth Massacre” where she was the first female light operator through the Nomad application. Recently, she has been writing and directing concerning environment-related issues, mental health awareness, and LGBTQIA+ normalization along with the modern approach to traditional culture by the youths.

She aspires to explore every dimension of art through every possibility. Professionally serving as the Humanistic psychologist developing her own theory which is concerned with traditional healing methodologies. She has been expanding ‘Charya’ (Nepali classical dance). And, She wants to execute her interest in understanding human complications from a deeper perspective. Her upcoming book is “The Fakeness Theory” and her upcoming play as a writer is “The Witches World”.

Her journey to Glocal Teen Hero

She says,” Glocal Teen Hero is a lifetime experience for me where I sensed pure energy radiating optimism. Upliftment of teenagers and being a bridge to their success is initiated by few in Nepal. Thus, I believe it’s a long-term impact on one’s life. I will be treasuring this experience with a smile and bringing many other smiles to others.”

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