Mr. Ranjan Shankar, 20under20, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022 has been dedicated to bringing changes in the community through education. He is a flexible person and is interculturally adept. Besides that, Ranjan is very fond of Karate. He has won two bronze medals in Karate.  He is associated with Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal.

Working as a STEM education Advocate, Ranjan has been working to tackle various problems that exist in the STEM field. He believes that if youth collaborate and work together, they can create new unconventional opportunities without relying on adults. They can develop themselves as changemakers, and impact lives even at an early age. 

His Work,

How Science students have opportunities to showcase their skills only through grades. To change this narrative, and to show that they can equally use their knowledge in bringing changes in the community, Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal was founded. Being its co-founder and having worked as a BOD member, Ranjan, along with his colleagues, have worked to eradicate various problems in STEM education like the lack of women participation. He is also involved in the Ëducation To All project. An outreach program designed to teach mathematics to young kids through games and activities.

MIN is also equally dedicated to its goal to bring medals for Nepal in the International Mathematics Olympiad by conducting various training seminars along with international trainers. It has also been conducting Junior Mathematics Olympiad Camp, the first-ever training camp for lower secondary level students.  He also worked to provide attainable education and scholarship to underprivileged students. His work encouraged youth participation in tech. 

Working as a project head for the Junior Mathematics Olympiad Camp, Ranjan demonstrated good leadership and coordinating skills to gather top-notch mentors. And, to reach out to more than 300 schools from around Nepal and manage a month-long camp for more than 120 students. His works are helping to eradicate the belief of stereotype that “mathematics isn’t for girls.” His awareness campaign is working for the involvement of girls in the STEM field.

Currently involved,

He had equally been involved in making major decisions, supervising projects, and recruiting members since MIN’s initial days. 

Besides MIN, Ranjan is also working as an educator in the US Embassy’s Book Bus program, one of the American Spaces in Nepal, where he is involved in conducting various workshops about contemporary social issues for high school students.

We wish him the best in his future endeavor.

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