Ratneshwaran Maheswaran is a 17 years old Technopreneur from Bengaluru. He is very much passionate about computer science and has been working on programming languages from a young age. He works on computer algorithms and has built various projects in the field of computer science. 

With the knowledge of programming, He has already written a novel to make learning interesting in computer language and has also authored a book on Python- “#Python Simplified”, which is published and is available for free online. He is also involved in teaching python programming to students at ‘Coding Club. Furthermore, he has developed, researched several algorithms, and applied them to his mission of curbing depression. Ratneshwaran has developed an app, ‘Safe Space’ which is used by Wellness Counselors for having an effective communication between their patients. Ratneshwaran, has also started, ‘The Lead Council’, a youth organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship and leadership, it’s motto is to create a world of peace, safety, unity, and opportunity for all.

Apart from that, He has started his company, ‘Nocturne Computing Pvt. Ltd’. The Artificial Intelligence startup is focused on making healthcare affordable to everyone with the power of computing. His work mainly focuses on the younger generation; where his innovation is on curbing teenage depression and identifies the state of mind of the individual using Artificial intelligence.

Ratneshwaran has a plan of giving what he learns to society and also helps in solving problems with his knowledge in Computer Science. He is one of the Finalists of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2020. We had a few conversations with him regarding his projects; 

How was your experience when you were announced as the Top 6 Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India?

I felt happy when I was announced as the top 6 finalists of India. It motivated me to pursue my works further and reinforced my confidence.

How did your journey as a Technopreneur start? What kind of challenges did you face on your way?

Computers always enticed me that ever since I was a toddler, I was always curious to explore things around me. When I was 5, my father introduced me to my first computer, an IBM. I was captivated by how computers work. I began to code programs at an early age. When I was nine years old, I created my first application. It was a program that makes playlists according to their genre.

With my interest in computer science, I pursued to become proficient in many programming languages. However, when I was 14, a major life event changed the way I perceived the world. The demise of my friend to depression made me question my thinking. The objective in mind prompted me to look deeper into computing and apply them to my life purpose. When I was 16, I created an algorithm that combines the parts of Artificial Intelligence and helps identify a person’s emotional state. This algorithm would aid in the diagnosis of mental disorders such as depression. These findings filed for a patent. This innovation received national attention and invited me to talk at TEDx in January 2021.

I attempted to combine human thinking and decision making and replicate them in computers. My behavioral sciences and artificial intelligence project – Safe Spaces – focused on establishing better communication with psychiatrists and their patients.

Several students assume programming is challenging, and I wanted to change their perspective. Hence, I authored and published a book on Python, ‘#Python Simplified.  I am the founder and CEO of my company, ‘Nocturne Computing Private Limited.’ I’m also involved in teaching python programming after school to students at ‘Coding Club.’The challenge is in terms of inadequate funding, constraining expansion as expected or planned.

 What’s been the best thing about your journey so far?

 The best thing about my journey is the idea to never settle for superficial knowledge and understanding. I always try to be different and independent by incorporating the core values of leadership and empathy. I believe in investing ideas and knowledge in myself. Because of that, I would gain more understanding and help me experience real life. Intending to help people with technology, I feel content and happy. Hence, the best thing about my journey so far is the thing that keeps me awake at night.

 What are your plans for the future?

The main objective is to expand my company and strive to complete my company’s goals. That is to make healthcare affordable to everyone with the help of technology. I plan to research further on the grounds of computing and using it to solve society’s problems. I believe in taking risks and always attempting to be better than who I was yesterday. Furthermore, I plan to develop ‘The Lead council’ to empower other youth to make what they love a reality. I plan to reinforce my current objectives and work till I can’t anymore. There are a million things I haven’t done, and I wouldn’t stop till I complete them.

I plan to pursue my higher education in computer science, and business management would help me understand and implement better solutions. I plan to share my ideas and knowledge with society and make education free of cost. I would like to invest more in myself the qualities of competency, leadership, and empathy.

What are the words you would like to share with the young technopreneurs to encourage them to move towards their journey?

Always be focused and consistent with striving to be better than you were yesterday. Be different, question the norms of society, and refuse to settle for superficial understanding. Every successful entrepreneur is different; take risks now. Use the abilities and knowledge you have to uplift other passionate people; that’s the most entrepreneurial quality any person can have. Attempt to gain the skills of a mathematical mind and be competent.  


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