18-year-old Sulav Subedi from Illam is an energetic and creative innovator who shows an interest in different charity works and inspires young innovative minds for the betterment of future technology and the prospect of AI. 

He describes himself as one of the good learners in the field of robotics and a passionate guy for building the right career in the field of Science and Technology. He has an interest in different charity works and also inspiring young innovative minds for the betterment of future technology and the prospect of AI in developing countries like Nepal.

His Journey

When he was in grade 8, he had an interest in robotics. But after grade 10, he has created a self opportunity to explore the field of robotics. His curiosity enhanced him as an innovator and he kept on experimenting with different ideas. A self-taught learner, Sulav, is as hardworking as he is creative.

Recently, Sulav and along with his team are building equipment that can be used for fighting back of COVID-19. They have recently completed the blind man stick which helps blind people to be aware of any circumstances that come in his/her way. He has been working on various projects such as a food carrying robot for small hospitals, a Blind man stick for specially-abled personnel, automatic temperature reading and sanitizing machine, conducting various camps regarding technology and robotics. Also conducted awareness programs against gender discrimination and rape.

Being a Roboticist and a good learner, he has achieved few milestones in society itself. He was able to produce more than 30 students that are really ambitious about pursuing a career in Robotics and Technology. 

Impact Created

Through his work; he was able to help the local hospital in Ilam which helped all the people who came there for treatment and every doctor, nurse, and all the hospital staff were able to take a moment of relief for fighting against corona. Many youths were encouraged in various awareness campaigns conducted by us and helped many people.

Sulav Subedi was selected among the 20 brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers below the age of 20 in Nepal, for the year 2020. This annual list is the ultimate honor roll of young game changers reshaping Nepal for the better. The platform seeks to encourage the youths to share their initiation, creativity, and enthusiasm which will then motivate them and more of the other youths in the nation to develop an entrepreneurial thinking.

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