Ms. Mandira Shrestha is one of the Speakers for the “Socio-Perspective Panel” at Glocal International Teen Conference, 2021.

Mandira is exceptional and infectious in her approach to come out with ideas to solve societal problems. Going back to her childhood days, She has always enjoyed assisting and serving others. Mandira began her journey of health activism when she was in sixth grade, when she joined a child club at her school. She was aware of the problems that could be solved by active engagement even at that young age. She has been an active student who has always wanted to try new things since she was in elementary school. For her great contribution in society; She was awarded as Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal for the year 2020. Now, it has been 10  years since she first entered the field of social work through the field of children’s rights. 

During the lockdown, Mandira worked as a team leader of the Child-led report on UPR, 2020 and disturbing findings. She is also a member of the Integrated National Adolescent Girls Forum, which works to improve the situation for girls who have been deprived of proper opportunities. To share her academic knowledge, she is working with Nepal Online School to develop and deploy nursing courses so that nursing education is available to everyone. Similarly, she has advocated and worked for the goal of equal rights for all as a National Child Representative and a National Adolescent Representative in collaboration with the related organization.

Apart from that, She is also a founding member of Girls in Education, a facilitator of the Tri-Padma Child Club, a community volunteer, and an SRHR trainer who works with children, adolescents, youths, women, and LGBTIQ++. She has been working on the mental health of children and adolescents during the pandemic by raising awareness of COVID19 and online safety via various media. She has previously worked as a Community Volunteer for the ‘Women for Women foundation (WFWF), Netherlands’ 8, Co-Trainer at the ‘Rural Health and Education Service Trust (RHEST), Facilitator of the ‘Tri Padma Child Club,’ Member of ‘Girls-out loud,’ Member of ‘The Generation Green,’ and Fellow at the ‘Bagmati River Basin Youth Program.’ 

Today through her work, Mandira is inspiring thousands of young people to be the change that they wish to see. Her work and initiative has reached over thousands of people across Nepal. Thus, today she has been featured on “WOW Magazine” for her great contributions towards society. 

Recently, Mandira and the team of the Quick Response Centre (QRC) have mobilized to launch rescue operations for flood victims in the Sindhupalchok district’s Talamarang, Melamchi, and Helambu areas. Through health camps, she is aiding the victims and vulnerable at the Sindhupalchowk disaster site.

She hopes to leverage her knowledge and capacity to do whatever she can to help the world become a better place. Furthermore, she hopes to fully utilize the opportunities that she gets and be able to influence change more easily. She plans to work for an international non-governmental organization (INGO) in the health sector after she completes her education. She plans to continue advocating for sexual health and reproduction, gender equality, and sexual minorities.

Every single day as she grew as a change-maker, she began empathizing more with problems around her and even though had the passion and zeal to solve all of them, she knew she didn’t have the capacity to do it alone. This made her wonder if every young person was a change-maker, what was stopping this world from turning into a more positive place!

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