Azmayeen Akmal is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about Technology and Innovation. He is the founder and CEO of digital technology agency named “Optimum Technologies – A National Award winning Tech Agency . He was widely recognized several times for his innovative initiatives. He was awarded as the Champion in Basis National ICT Awards 2018, Top 10 Finalist in the country’s most largely arranged TV reality show called Udvaboker Khoje season 1 and has achieved more than 40 National and International Awards. He is devoted to finding better solutions to the current problems of society through modern technology and innovation. Additionally, He was also one of the International Speaker and Presenter for the Glocal International Teen Conference, 2017.

Currently, He is working as a young innovator for Access To Information, Prime Minister of Bangladesh and as a Deputy Director for Active Bangladesh. He is also one of the Youth Venture of Ashoka Youth Venture Community and was awarded for his work called Digital Sign Language Interpreter – A device that identifies sign language in real time and converts it into voice and text. 

Akmal has also founded a BuyBae – A shopping assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence technology in e-commerce and the shopping industry to provide a better experience for the audience or society.  It also eliminates the common confusion of people while choosing a new gadget. The BuyBae project was awarded as the “Basis National ICT Awards Champion in 2018.” 

Additionally, He is also actively working on a project called “Durbar” –  A military rescue project under the supervision of A2i, Prime Minister’s Office. He has been leading the project as the Project Director and is still going under developments. Similarly, he has been involved in various projects for the betterment of society and his work has been appreciated in both Nationally and Internationally.

Azmayeen has always been enthusiastic and actively working in the field of technology sectors with the intention of finding himself. He has inspired millions of teenagers to believe in action and act for the betterment of society. He dreams of doing something big, something positive change that can make a huge impact in society or for the nation. 


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