Mr. Kaushal Gohil is a passionate Social Activist from India. He has been working in social activism for eight years. Kaushal has actively worked in a lot of organizations aiming for a better society. Among many organizations; Currently, he is serving as the President of Rotaract Club of Ahmedabad Narol and leading a team for the betterment of society. He is also a founder of “Swa Sarjan” and Finalists of Glocal Teen Hero – India, 2019.

In the third episode of teenspire, Host Ajay Pandey had an insightful talk with Kaushal Gohil. The session made us know about his greater impact in society and recent works by Swa Sarjan during COVID – 19.

When did you realise that you should work for your society? 

As a student studying in grade 9, I was curious about my future. And as a car-crazy person, I thought of pursuing an engineering degree in an automobile. When I was returning home from a workshop, I saw an exhibition nearby which caught my eyes in an instant. Inside that exhibition, I saw most children in a miserable state. They had no clothes to wear, no food to eat, and no proper education. I was distressed seeing them. I saw the director of that exhibition, who seemed to be a well-educated person, was sitting on the floor with these children which made me even more curious. Seeing them not aware of their education and having very little to no hope about the future is what struck me the most. From that time; this incident inspired me to work for their betterment. Then I was encouraged to work hard myself, to educate these children and to do something for them from this incident.

What were the challenges that you have faced in your journey? 

Despite having many who supported and encouraged me to work for these children, there were also many who criticized and pinched me and my work. There were people saying that I had to complete my education first only then I will be able to establish this organization. This is a major challenge we faced during the process.

Ignoring criticisms, I thought I had to get back to them with big answers. I believe that actions do speak louder than words. So without considering their opinions I started working harder. I started studying even more to educate homeless people.

After initiating the program, another major setback we faced was in regards to seasonal change. Teaching homeless people during the rainy season meant that the roads used to get flooded and we had to shift places. During the summer season, it meant the roads were very hot and we couldn’t bear the heat. Managing books, stationery, and clothes were also the hardest.

Despite hurdles, we eventually gained success by working hard and making sure these people were very well educated.

In what areas Swa Sarjan works? 

Swa Sarjan has been registered under the United Nations Economic Forum and is associated with international foundations.

Currently,  the organization is expanded into 12 states of India and 9 countries all over the world. These organizations based in different states and countries work in solving the current problems prevalent in that particular area, state, or country.

What is “Age Is Just A Number” in your perspective? 

To gain success in your life, do not ever consider what your age is. You can excel even at an early age and can initiate something big. If you are willing and passionate enough, you will definitely succeed.

“Teenspire” is a 15 min Live Session; where GTH ALumni is invited to share their inspirational Journey and initiation. It is conducted by Glocal Pvt. Ltd and live-streamed through Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page.

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