Mr. Lov Panthi is a young and enthusiastic innovator from Butwal. He makes humanoid robots along with his twin brother Kush Panthi. The fascination he has had with robotics since the age of two led him to embark on his robotic journey. He decided along with his twin brother to explore the field of robotics. Mr. Panthi has already manufactured a number of Robots that are of high quality. Among these robots, one has already been registered in Nepal Industry Department as the first robot to speak and understand Nepali language. They have invented different humanoid robots, such as the Go-Go Robot, Go-Go 2 Robot, Lov Kush Mars Robot, Lov Kush Traffic Robot, and Go Corona Robot, which have been praised nationally. Among his other accomplishments was the development of the first automatic sanitizer tunnel at Rupandehi. The tunnel is equipped with a germ-killing mechanism. His dedication and enthusiasm towards bringing impact in society has made him one of the early change makers and  recognized him as one of the Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019. Recently, Lov and his twin brother have successfully made “TeaScan”a vending machine made in Nepal that can make and sell tea without anyone’s help. There is a QR code at the top of the machine which customers can scan with their esewa wallet and mobile banking app. After the successful payment, the tea falls from the nozzle at the top of the machine until the cup is full. After filling the teacup, the customer will be able to drink the tea. This machine can be a source of income to many people as they can start tea business at different areas like bus stops, hospitals, chowks and so on with the machine. In Panthi’s words, “TeaScan product is the outcome of a 1-year project in which they experimented with coins, cash, and computer vision but ended up with a digital payment service. It will expand into a wide range of vending machine markets in the future.” Mr. Panthi is one of the active contributors to society. He highly aspires to become a change-maker and inspire fellow teenagers. He has proved that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and is concerned with solving social issues.

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