Mr. Avinash Kumar Paswan is a 17-year-old Musician. He is fond of teaching, photography, and economics. But the preservation and development of the Maithili language are his major priorities. He deeply appreciates his cultural history and actively works to promote Maithili and assure its preservation for future generations. He is a Maithili musician and music producer, who has been using FL Studio ( Music arranging Software ) to program music since 2018.

His Work,

He has been working in the field of music since grade 7. Later on, he joined MINAP (a local community-level Maithili art-preserving organization) as a learner and volunteer. In class 10, he took a step forward and began creating music commercially with local Maithili underground artists. Together, they pioneered “MAITH HOP,” a unique fusion of hip-hop and Maithili musical elements.

Currently, he is working in collaboration with the renowned Music Director Mr. Arjun Pokharel on three exciting projects. These projects encompass two romantic compositions and one background score. Each project presents a unique opportunity to showcase his creativity and signature style. By working on these projects, he is committed to infusing them with his distinct flair while maintaining the essence of Mr. Arjun Pokharel’s musical vision.


Coming from the Terai community where music and dance are often frowned upon, he strived to challenge those beliefs and promote the value of artistic expression. In a groundbreaking feat, his music for the song ” SHIVJI ” got millions of views. And, became the 1st Maithili song to cross 1.4+ million views in just 3 months on YouTube with 92.2K posts and 2 Million+ plays on TikTok. After this grand success of this content, he also worked on another project ” GHURMI NACHADE “. In just 2 months of the interval, the music received 1.5+ million views on YouTube with 25.8K + posts and 3 million+ plays on TikTok. Almost 60% of underground artists in his region were inspired by his work and approached him for guidance and collaboration. Adding to that, 40% of them are still underground whom he’s looking forward to reaching and approaching.

He took it upon himself to provide career counseling to almost 500 students in his school. He has taken the role of a music mentor, teaching guitar. And also, Maithili’s composition to his juniors and even seniors in his school. By sharing his knowledge and skills, he helped them develop a strong foundation in music, especially developing them as Maithili musician.

Mr. Avinash Kumar Paswan has been selected as “Glocal’s 20under20 of 2023 Batch” as an early change-maker throughout the nation. Glocal’s 20under20 is an umbrella title for 20 early change-makers, who are teenagers from diverse fields, stepping out to create an impact in society. 

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