Mr. Nirajan Rimal is a young activist working to promote innovation and scientific culture in Nepal. Starting his journey in 2018, he is consistently working on creating a baseline and platform to provide exposure to innovative minds across the country.

His Work,

Currently, he is working as the CEO of Astrobotech Pvt. Ltd. He is one of the pioneers of the Innovation Exposure Series in Nepal. He along with his team were the first few people to introduce competitions like robot battles, robot racing, aqua-bot competitions, maze-bots, drone racing, etc. in Nepal. Also, he and his team were the ones to introduce the world’s first-ever hydro-power-themed robotics exhibition. They were also the organizers of Nepal’s first rocket exhibition-Space Tech Innovation. He is also an executive member of Astronomers without borders Nepal, with a motive of a global community that appreciates, studies, and shares the wonders of the universe, to broaden perspective.

He along with his team was able to conduct Nepal’s first Rocket Exhibition named “Space Tech Innovation”. It was one of our steps towards the development of rocketry in Nepal. Introducing robot battles, robo-race, aquabots, created a significant impact that those events are still organized independently by various colleges these days.

He is also involved in projects like, Analysis of pathological evidence in Microscopic images using CNN and Deep learning Methods with Telemedicine Facilities; Revolutionizing Electronic Device Detection: An Innovative and Novel Advanced Electronic Device Detector with High-Range Detection and Localization Features; Pulse Gamma Ray projection for the simulation of blazar jets; and Autonomous Harvesting Systems For Ophiocordyceps SInensis.


He has attended the Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists receiving a special award. Since then, he’s been mentoring and supervising students across various national and international platforms. Along with this, he has conducted 150 outreach programs across hundreds of thousands of the general public. He is also taking steps trying to collaborate with the government to establish a national space agency in Nepal. Besides these, he and his team of Youth For Nation also conducted health camps and disaster relief programs across rural areas. Along with it, the team was also active during the COVID pandemic collaborating with Nepal police, checking the temperature and symptoms of people passing through the Kathmandu border. He also provides sessions on modern teaching methodologies to teachers in rural areas. And, recently conducted a session for secondary level teachers in Suryagadhi, Nuwakot.

He has been voluntarily involved in providing health camps, flood and landslide relief programs, environment conservation and tree plantation programs, and so on, and provided legal and psychological counseling to raped and harassed victims along with raising voices for them in protests. Being involved in a non-profit organization “Youth for Nation”, we have been leading the generation exactly how we believe the youth of a nation should serve his community.


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