Ms. Sumitra Acharya is a 17-year-old Activist experienced in handling and working in various organizations. She is interested in social work and also has conducted different awareness campaigns and volunteer programs. She is actively involved in social work and provides training and campaigns.

Her Work,

She has been working for the last 5 years. Currently, she works to provide sessions on safe abortion, good touch, and bad touch. She conducts sessions on the impact of abortion restrictions, unsafe abortion practices, and the benefits of safe and legal abortion access. She is also engaged in social work and in journalism where she works as a news reporter, news writing on CNT Online TV. As a news reporter, her role is to keep the public informed about current events, issues, and developments happening locally, and Nationally. and providing training and spreading awareness.

Further, she is a member of the National Girl Adolescence Networking (NGAN). She works as a coordinator of the Lumbini Province Adolescence Girls Networks. She also offers sessions to Children, Girls, Youth as well as Women also in the various places of Dang, Banke, district.


She has impacted the community by Providing assistance to vulnerable populations. She works with the children and families to ensure the safety and well-being of children. They provide support and interventions to improve family dynamics and prevent child abuse or neglect. She works to bring changes that can address systemic issues, reduce inequalities, and promote equality and human rights. She has conducted numerous training sessions and helped 200+ people around her place.

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