Ms. Sarwagya Bhattarai, 20under20, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2022 is 19 years old Activist who currently works as a Coordinator in the Association for the Welfare of Intellectual Handicapped (AWIH), where she manages the academic sector and decorations. 

Her works,

She works with junior interns, assists them, and helps them perform their best. She comes up with new ideas and makes decorative items for the school along with creating several creative items for teaching children. As a Peer-educator in Y-PEER Nepal where she conducts sessions in various schools to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights. She also received the highest mark in Nepal for Cambridge AS Level Psychology Exam and received the ‘Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award’. 

Currently, engaged in psychological research that aims to find out how habits, nature, and behavior of people as teenagers affect how successfully they serve their nation when they grow up which she aims to publish in a few years. Through this research, she wants to help teenagers understand where they need to invest their time more and how they need to shape themselves now to achieve their desired success and be the best version of themselves when they grow up.


Previously, she worked as an Intern, Dance Teacher, and Fundraiser at AWIH. She took care of children, gave them dancing lessons, and conducted a crowdfunding campaign where she generated 11,850 NPR from 42 donors. As a Mental Health Advocate, she worked in the Me for Myself (M4M) Campaign to help people have good mental health, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. She worked as a Content Contributor in the LiveNow Campaign. She contributed content in the format of poems that was shared widely across the Asia Pacific Region. And, spreading positivity and hope during the unprecedented situation of the coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, she also worked as a Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity India and conducted a crowdfunding campaign where she generated 14,280 INR to help a girl child complete her education. 

Further, she is the creator of the group ‘Supporters of Intellectual Handicapped’ in a student community app named Goodwill. She encourages young people from different countries to come up with new ideas to teach Intellectually Handicapped children. She worked with partners in India and Sri Lanka on this project. 

In light of all the points mentioned above,

She was also recognized as one of the ‘Top 100 Women Leaders of Nepal’ in 2022. She also received the ‘Goodwill Achievement Award’ twice in 2021.

Her journey to Glocal Teen Hero,

She says, “Glocal’s 20under20 not only recognized my work on a National Level but connected me with other impactful teenagers. Being a person who adores children, I look forward to being a successful professional social child worker. I strongly believe Glocal will help me in my journey.”

We wish her the best in her future endeavor.

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