Yenuli Binara is a 14-year-old girl, “Top Six Finalist” of Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka 2022, living in the UK, who is also the founder of the Green Heart Foundation which is a nonprofit foundation that aims to prepare the youth and children to create a sustainable, developed, understanding, and the peaceful world while protecting our Mother Nature and encouraging eco-friendly innovations. She is an expressive and determined girl who loves to sing, do public speaking, and lyrics writing, creation of melodies, and artwork, act, announce, organize, and leadership skills. She is the world’s youngest youth ambassador at twelve. And, was later promoted as an emerging leader in the HundrED organization which is dedicated to helping every child flourish by giving them access to quality education through education innovations. 

Her work,

She has won international singing awards, the 1st runner-up award and a best audience-performer award from the I-sing World singing contest 2019 in Sweden, and the special jury award from the Euro-pop contest 2019 in Germany.  

From her public speaking side, she won the 1st runner-up award in the international speaking category in the Oman Gravel club Championship contest 2019. The blessings she received from everyone after receiving these international awards motivated her, to create her own creations. Because of her deep love for nature and desire to protect it, she created her original song called “Wake up Mom” where lyrics, melody, singing, and acting were all done by her. The song aimed to spread the message of protecting our mother nature and caring for her like our own mother.

She was happy to see her first song get a 5 Stars Commended Award for singing and songwriting in the UK Songwriting contest 2020. Her latest song “Baby walk your Fire down” was created to awareness of the topic of ” Bullying” which she believes affects youth, children, and even adults in our world, to help people stand up for themselves against bullies. She did the singing, melody, and video concept for the video. This song won a 5 Stars Highly Commended Award for its lyrics in the UK Songwriting contest 2022. 

She aims to create songs that would spread a valuable message to society in a few minutes, instead of commercial use. She’s done many social projects and workshops from her Foundation, including providing the necessary equipment for schools, spreading awareness on global topics, hosting workshops, encouraging plantation, encouraging new innovators, and letting students know about international competitions. She hopes to use her abilities to give society her maximum service and make the world a more sustainable, and peaceful world while protecting mother nature. 

 Her journey to Glocal Teen Hero,

She says, “the Glocal teen Hero organization is truly a great platform for youth to discuss ideas on how to help make the world a more developed and sustainable place. I was also happy to be able to connect with more inspiring youth in the last session and get to know one another better. If we use this valuable platform wisely, we can truly work together to make the world a better place for the current and future generations. Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful gathering for the youth.” 

We wish her the best in her future endeavor.

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