Ms. Erin Mushfirat, Finalist, Glocal Teen Hero Bangladesh 2022 is an 18-year-old Bangladeshi young leader and visionary. She is a devoted Child Activist, currently studying Humanities in college. She is an experienced MUNer, writer, singer, student leader, social worker, filmmaker, researcher, program presenter, and organizer. And, was also an elected student cabinet member with the second-highest vote in High School.

Organizational Experiences

Associate of PR & Marketing Team of World Youth Leaders Organisation, Public Relations Head of the Core Team of Care With Disabilities, Founding member of ‘Bit of Queen’ Org., Officer of Model Youth International Headquarters SDG HUB, Mover of Movers Program, Youth Fellow of #learningplanet, Ambassador of Korea Konnect, Public Relations Head of Alexis Forum and MUN as well as Vice Chairman of SBUMS.

Works and Impacts

Her film ‘Mira’s Dream’ was based on the life of the children born in the biggest prostitution in South Asia and how we can help them to be a person of their own. Despite their background, they deserve respect. This film was awarded the ‘Best Film Award’ of FNF Kinemaster Best Films at the Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival. At the World Youth Leaders Org., they train youths from different parts of the world in leadership. In ‘Bit of Queen’ Org., they organize online cultural exchange programs to strengthen connections among the youths worldwide and advocate for Child and Human rights.

She represented her country in more than 12 international summits and MUNS including the World March of Women, SDG Youth Summit Bangladesh 2022, and Glocal International Teen Conference 2021. Also, organized an online SDG summit with Modern Youth International Headquarters SDG Hub.

She won 150+ awards for singing, drawing, and MUN at national and international levels. And, has been working passionately towards achieving the SDGs. She believes in the power of young people to make a difference and likes expanding her worldwide network through MUNS and other activities. She is deeply committed to the SDGs and strives to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Her experiences with “Glocal Teen Hero

Her experience with Glocal Teen Hero was an absolute honor. She adds, “the experience made her more confident and encouraged her to work more for the betterment of the world. She is passionate about SDGs, believes in youth’s ability to make a difference, and enjoys developing more global connections through MUNs and Organizational Activities. Glocal connected me with so many talented and like-minded teens around the globe, it’s just amazing.”

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