Prashansha K.C is an enthusiastic YouTuber, Social Activist, and a true leader who has a motive to bring a positive change in a society. She has initiated a campaign against the “Kidnap marriage & Child marriage” in Rukum. She also makes documentaries on social issues and raises awareness. Her films, documentaries are informative, inspirational and amusing to watch. 

Through a project called “Awareness Campaign to End Child Marriage” which is an  awareness campaign to end child marriage in Rukum and to create good learning and growing atmosphere for children which is free of early marriage, early pregnancy, poverty, unemployment and many more. Ms, Kc has initiated big steps to aware people. 

Prashansha has also completed a project named “Eradication of Kidnap Marriage” to spread awareness against kidnap marriage in Rukum. She strongly believes that her efforts to eradicate the kidnap marriage will bring a distinct change in Nepalese society.

Her work was nationally appreciated and has motivated teenagers and youths to work for society. For her strong initiation and contributions; She was awarded as “Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2018”.

She also has been awarded with “Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award 2019” for her amazing work. She was one of the 10 international recipients of the award. She is also a “Global Ambassador” of  Happy World Foundation Inc. and was selected as a “25 Under 25 Youth Champions”, 2020  of Youth Opportunities Nepal. 


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