Mr. Rahul Ranjan Sah is an 18 years old Astropreneur, Astronomer, and Researcher from Janakpur. He is devoted to astronomical research. Also, He is hardworking and passionate. Despite having no prior knowledge of astronomy, after watching science shows, science action movies, and Space-Universe-based films, Rahul has developed a deep interest in it. Now, it has been three years since he has been involved in Astronomy and Astropreneurship. He is affiliated with the Nepal Astronomical Society and the Student Exploration and Development of Space-Nepal. Additionally, Rahul Ranjan is a founding member of the Student Development and Exploration in Space (SXC) organization. Currently, he is working as an Astropreneur in the project venture  “Arohan ” initiating to commercialize and develop Nepal’s 1st private space mission. Besides this, He has also dedicated himself completely to developing resources for the students all over Nepal.  Rahul Ranjan is working lately to change the perception involving, initiating, and sustaining multiple fronts of Astronomy from Outreach to translations to research with NASA and representing Nepal.  Founded 1st Internationally affiliated high school club of Nepal, and 1st Aviation & Aerospace based organization venture within SEDS-Nepal and SEDS-US. Besides this, Rahul Ranjan has represented Nepal among 20+ countries and showcased Nepali governmental institution, and Excelling on the venture of Space travel where the team worked out the best and cheapest costing around NRS 30000 compared to NRS 100000 to launch Sano Satellites.

Impact Created

Rahul Ranjan has devoted his soul to diversifying Astronomy for all.  In order to access the availability for all, he carried such fragile instruments to the nook and corner of Nepal making the space dream a reality reaching 7000+ students as of now. He worked to eradicate the issue of language hindering issues in Astronomy. Our team has committed to translations working on “Handbook on Astronomical Instrument,” a free-readiness. His initiation exists in taking Nepalese Astronomy internationally, where he has been aiding and empowering to take Nepalese students to compete in International Astronomy. He has also contributed to unprivileged and poor government school students to dream big without any issues.  The impact has been acting as a bridge for unprivileged students of rural Nepal, India, and Bhutanese diaspora prominently to pursue their dream in Heaven’s pivoting change for 4000+ students promoting our culture and identity as well.
Rahul Ranjan Sah has been selected as a “Glocal’s 20under20 of 2022 Batch” as an early change-maker throughout the nation. Glocal’s 20 under 20 is an umbrella title for 20 early change-makers, who are teenagers from diverse fields, stepping out to create an impact in the society. 

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