Ms. Sabina Shakya is an active & passionate young environmentalist. She is always ready to learn new things and does everything she can to make a difference in society.

She has developed an app called “Safa Sahar” which acts as a mediator between the customer and recyclers. Also, it provides some useful tutorials on organic wastes and recreational ideas. The motive behind the initiation is to save the environment from harmful plastics. Likewise, People can actually earn money with their wastes and recyclers could get their materials in return. Her initiation had made people realize the benefits of properly dumping wastes in return for money. Also, the app is available in the play store. She has been working for this since last year. 

Through her work; Sabina has made people realize the benefits of properly dumping waste in return for money. Also, Her video tutorials and awareness lessons in the app have created a positive impact.

Sabina envisions herself as a powerful entrepreneur who contributes to a variety of social causes in the future. She has a plan to continue her current work while also doing more of these types of projects for the benefit of the environment and people.

Sabina Shakya has been selected as a “Glocal’s 20under20 of 2021 Batch” as an early change-maker throughout the nation. Glocal’s 20 under 20 is an umbrella title for 20 early change-makers, who are teenagers from diverse fields, stepping out to create an impact in society. 


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