Subhash Sharma is a 17-year-old coder from Janakpur Dham. He is very passionate about Digital Marketing and Coding. 

Ever since his childhood, he aspired to do the impossible and prove that everything is possible through hard work and dedication to one’s dream. He believes that it is his curious nature that has led him to the robotics journey and coding. He has been learning and educating people since 2018. He loves working with small businesses to help them grow digitally and to contribute to society in shifting to the digital era. 

Currently, he is working as a professional Digital Marketing expert in his own start-up Incredible Mithila Pvt. Ltd. and promoting culture, local goods from local manufacturers to the national and international market, and other societal feats. He trains people about Digital Marketing by organizing semi-annual event DIGICULTURE. He has already trained over 200 people in Digital Marketing and Web Development. He is also a president at ROBO CREW.

Through his work; he has inspired a lot of teenagers to believe in action and many of them have even started to follow their passion as well.

His dedication and enthusiasm towards bringing impact in society has made him one of the change-makers and recognized him as one of the Top 6 Finalists of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2020. We had a few conversations with him regarding his project and journey on Glocal Teen Hero 2020. The major highlights of the interview are given below:

How did your journey as a coder start? 

As a child, I was so curious to know about phones, computers, and other tools and was even exploring those. When I was in Grade 8, I got my first computer, and after that my journey started. Unlike other fellows of mine who used to play the latest games on theirs, I started to explore the deeper version of the computer where I could change and edit things myself and even can create cool stuff like Coding. I started to learn Coding, starting from web development to Robotics, and now I’m currently working as a professional Digital Marketing expert in my own startup Incredible Mithila Pvt. Ltd.

What inspired you to work in the digital marketing sector?

Since my childhood, I used to think, why my city is so behind the world outside. I used to imagine and fantasize being in a tech city where everything is so fast and could do everything from our phone. Since then I have had a dream that I want to uplift the condition of not only my city but every single City or Country which is like Janakpur. As a coder and a Robotics, I wasn’t being able to serve and make money. I then entered into this field called Digital Marketing, I am a quick learner, I learned it and even got certified by Google as a ‘Search Ads expert’. I then started to work for the companies. I started serving them all the digital services required. As a Startup, we have more than 10 clients now and now I can see myself doing something valuable for my society and the Business Market over here. 

How did you get an idea to train people about digital marketing? 

Since the beginning, I have believed in Learning and Educating. When I used to learn web development, I used to train my juniors in my schools and when I started robotics; I brought many of my junior fellows in this sector. So, I wanted to spread that the digital world is much better and much easier to learn than they think of it. So, I decided to train people about digital Marketing and make them aware of it. I had a motive to upload everything about our culture on the internet which most people don’t know about. So, I trained them to upload content on a website and rank it on the top of Google’s Search Engine Result Page.

What were the difficulties that you experienced in your journey?

When Children start doing things apart from studies in places like Janakpur, they are considered poor students, which wasn’t easy for me either. People, even my teachers, where they were supposed to encourage me, used to show me that I was going towards the path of destruction, and I’m proving them wrong now. Being in this city, I feel like I need that exposure to glow myself up and showcase my skills and talents due to which I joined Glocal. I expect Glocal to help me with further opportunities and mentor me to be the best version of myself.

What are your plans further? What will you be working on?

After Digital Marketing, I want to explore my journey in the field of Data Science, which I think will be leading the future, as it is said “Data is the King”. I will be moving towards it, but I don’t have exactly figured out what will be my roadmap for that. I expect Glocal to guide me with this and help me out for my upcoming days.

What do you recall the most and what were the learnings?

I liked the training, workshops, and interaction sessions provided by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. the most. I also enjoyed every motivational session and my GTH journey was full of amazing memories. I got to learn a lot in them and got to network with amazing souls there. It was an overall great experience attending the conference. I got to know about how teenagers from different countries take the issues of empowerment, entrepreneurship, and socio-perspective and that was informative. 

But it would have been much more interesting if conducted physically. We expect Glocal to conduct any such meet or event where we can get to connect with everyone in face to face. It’s a request from all of our ‘Glocal’s 20 Under 20’ batch of this year.

Message to aspiring teenagers!

They just need to think out of the box and don’t limit themselves to something small. It’s said, “If you’ll shoot for the sun, at least you’ll reach the moon. But you’ll be out of this world and far away from the ordinary”. So I want to encourage them to think big. 


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