Sulav Subedi is 18 years old from Illam. He is an energetic and creative innovator who shows an interest in different charity works and inspires young innovative minds for the betterment of future technology and the prospect of AI in developing countries like Nepal. He is one of the Finalists of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2020. 

We had a few conversations with him regarding his project and journey on Glocal Teen Hero 2020. The major highlights of the interview are given below:

How was your experience when you were announced as the Top 6 Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal?

The selection on the top 20 was itself a huge achievement for me. I wasn’t sure if I would be selected as Top 6 Finalist. I had no excitement at all because I thought I would not be selected due to the lack of my self-confidence. But after 7pm, when the mail arrived, it shocked me. I really felt more confident and also had the feeling of believing in myself and also assured myself to work hard in future and make a tremendous impact in the society itself in upcoming days.

What inspired you to work in the innovator sector?

I had a deep interest in robotics from a very young age, but I couldn’t cater to my interests because of the difficulties I faced as a student. But after grade 10, I created a self opportunity to explore the field of robotics and it’s been 3.5 years now.

Being a child, I always wondered about how things work. I started doing my research on various electrical and mechanical things. This research has helped me to develop knowledge of various electronic stuff and about computers which led me to innovate gadgets that can be used in day-to-day life for human safety and for the prevention of COVID-19. 

What is the best thing that keeps you motivated?

The one thing that keeps me motivated to work hard is my passion and interest in computer and electronics. There are various reasons to work harder. Some obvious reason, I feel happy when I see a smile on the face of people who are using my gadget for their convenience.

What were the difficulties that you experienced in your journey?

There were various difficulties that I faced in my journey. Firstly, the major difficulties that I faced is the lack of a mentor. When we start our journey in different fields like robotics, innovating or making some products it’s obvious to have various problems. So I always wonder about having some mentor or having proper guidance in my life.

Also, I faced difficulties in fundings, and availability of components used. It’s really hard for students to bring the components in Nepal from other countries as we cannot travel to other countries freely.

What are your plans further? What will you be working on? 

I don’t really own a single plan or one goal. I aim to create a robotics industry by 2030. I want every student to have little knowledge about how things work which are used in their day-to-day life. I will work on availability on a local level and also use local resources for the betterment of technology. 

What do you recall the most and what were the learnings?

Firstly, I didn’t know about the GTH but after being Glocal’s 20 under 20 I found it really fascinating as I found various amazing personalities around me from different backgrounds. I also found so supportive members of Glocal committee who are available 24/7 for any queries and also the ones who think really good about the teenagers and find every possible way to encourage and help for self-development by conducting seminars with different reputed personalities. I personally recommend every teenager to create a strong impact on society and be a part of the Glocal family in upcoming years. 

The learnings that I received, different workshops, personality development sessions, networking and reaching to the limelight is the best thing that has ever happened. These kinds of training were really helpful for me. I basically learned to see things from a different perspective. Not just the training, but the other friends I made during that time were also really inspiring and we were all living the best moment of our life. When my work got recognized, then I started believing in myself more and I have a clear path and a vision upon my work. I believe I can do really well in the days to come. Glocal Teen Hero not only gave us a platform but also lifelong learning that we can utilize for our life and I will be always grateful towards Glocal Family.

Message to teenagers!

Being a learner and a robotics enthusiast and also the one who tried giving up many times but still overcame those situations, I would like to recommend every teenager; always try hard and never give up. Also, learn to use the resources available out there. Most importantly, do not forget trying to contribute for the nation- it does not matter whether the contribution is small or big.


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