Vaibhav Nahata is an 18-year-old Entrepreneur from Biratnagar. He is a passionate teen who is the CEO of “Success Society International” and an International Trainer & Speaker who has touched lives from 51+ countries. He runs his inspirational TV show called, “Being Champions with Vaibhav Nahata” where he interacts with achievers from around the globe to inspire the young aspirant. Vaibhav has touched over 1,20,000 lives as an international speaker, bringing breakthroughs in lives. 

Vaibhav has a unique way of communicating his ideas and thoughts which makes him an unconventional motivational speaker. He always inspires youths to believe in action and act for a global change. 

His dedication and enthusiasm towards bringing impact in society has made him one of the change-makers and recognized him as one of the Top 6 Finalists of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2020. We had a few conversations with him regarding his project and journey on Glocal Teen Hero 2020. The major highlights of the interview are given below:

How was your experience when you were announced as the Top 6 Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal?

It’s not the award but what comes with the award in the form of networks and possibilities that most excited me. GTH 2020 was an amazing opportunity to network with the most amazing entrepreneurs of Nepal and seek learnings. The glocal teen hero has been a big contributor in my life ever since 2018 and the 2020 experience was yet so amazing.

What is the best thing that keeps you motivated?

Impact, Impact, and Impact! When I see my student who was an extreme introvert publishing their book when I see a normal aspirant represented on international platforms. When I see one of the attendees turn from smoking addiction to getting winning grades, that’s what keeps me going. The fact that my work is creating a long term impact into creating champions and bringing transformation into lives. SSI stands with the same mission of “See you at the Top.”

What were the difficulties that you experienced in your journey?

I would rather call it challenges. Gaining credibility as a teen initially is challenging, but once we deliver value, it gets better. The bigger challenges however have always been to put perseverance beyond odds, because for what I am doing, where I am trying to do it, people are not used to it, and getting people convinced comes up as a challenge.

What has inspired you to run an inspirational TV show – “Being Champions with Vaibhav Nahata”? 

There are people like me and other teens who aspire to be champions and there are people who have become champions in the form of their work and successes. What inspired me for “Being Champions” is a radical bridge of informal interaction to which teens and youths can relate to and build their bridge. I am very glad about the impact we have been bringing and we continue to bring.

What are your plans further? What will you be working on?

The Long term project is to create a chain of schools that is all about practical education, where students learn by doing and have fun at the same time. Now, I have my book release in January. As we continue working with schools to inspire teens and youths to become champions, we are exploring opportunities for working with schools in the US & Canada.

What do you recall the most and what were the learnings?

Damn Amazing! I love the interaction sessions with amazing impact makers. I tried to notice the smallest of things like Nirvana Chaudhary sir using pencils and Kecici sir’s thought-provoking questions. Wisdom from Ujjwal sir and all other speakers. 

Most of all, the amazing network that was developed in the process of conference and GTH sessions. 

What message would you like to give to aspiring teenagers?

Don’t Wait!! People in life wait to get, set, and then go. I firmly believe, no matter how naive, you must GO, you have the whole life to get set and get better. My absent mentor Mr. Ritesh Agarwal (CEO, OYO Rooms) says, “Start Small, Nail it and then make it big”. No matter how big the question, ask yourself what is the small thing I can do NOW?

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