Mr. Raushan Pandit is a 17-year-old highly motivated Tech Enthusiast and a student researcher. He is focused on research and development at the base level and wants to contribute to generating employment here in Nepal. He embarked on his research career after completing Class 8.

His Work,

Currently, he is working on a research project (Analyzing the relationship between the availability of DOTS clinics, their effectiveness, and TB burden/outcomes in various regions of Nepal) as a student researcher in Incubate Nepal. He works on ML and AI projects to develop new tools in the field of biotech working as an intern at the Biotechnology Society of Nepal. Also worked on the project “Alzheimer’s detection through deep learning” and “Blood Pressure detection using ML”.

He is working with NASO as an active member to teach the students about Astronomy in Madhesh Pradesh. Also, he is working as a mentor at the International Astronomical search collaboration (IASC) in the Asteroid search campaigns and training with NASO. And, as a research model manager in the India-based organization Quanta Mingles Twin Cosmos(QMTC) where he worked on an Astrobiology research paper related to Mars.

Further, he works in the team “End-TB” – “Analysing the relationship between the availability of DOTS clinics and TB burden/outcomes in various regions of Nepal” Recently, he completed a project on quality and scientific education as a fellow participant in the Awareness 360 fellowship. He has also worked independently on several projects. He also served as a student ambassador for various associations.


He has conducted outreach, astronomy sessions, and telescope observation programs in Jaleshwar with Dharamnath Shah and reached 1000+ students, conducted and shared skills and experience on astronomy with school students in Manarashiswa municipality, and reached 500+ students. Educated as a Robotics educator for 800+ children in Janakpurdham and help students to make their projects. Also, he taught 48 students to make poster presentations and write research papers in an accurate manner.

He also mentored students, helping them develop their projects and submit proposals to the Young Scientists Summit. Also, he helped small firms and organizations to go online and work as freelancers to make websites.

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