Ms. Preeti Pantha is an 18-year-old Social Activist who works to spread awareness and empower general people to raise their voices against inequality and discrimination. She is using digital platforms for advocacy and promoting equality to amplify the voices. And raise awareness to reach a broader audience. She provides a space for meaningful discussion. Along with, mutual support, and concern that can connect the general people to learn and have access to knowledge.

Her Work,

Currently, she is working on “The orbona” as the co-founder of this platform. The orbona is the platform that helps to amplify voices to share thoughts and viewpoints and innovative solutions to bridge the gap between economics and finance in terms of learning. She works to provide the reader with interesting articles, insightful analyses, and motivating success stories. She has also worked as a member of the Young Achievers Gavel Club and was gradually promoted to president at the end of 2021. Here she Activated the club in social media to enhance its reach. She conducted various inter-gavel club meetings to interact with other existing gavel clubs. And also, Promoted theme-based meetings to ensure that speaking information is gained.

Recently, she started a TikTok and youtube channel. In order, to provide online resources to a-levels students, teaching economics topical questions through youtube. She gained 800+ likes in TikTok just after 7 days. And, 9k+ total views in TikTok created an interactive and engaging learning platform.


Within this timeframe, the team Orbona has published 5 issues of the magazine. Conducted 2 young online writers contests, and presented around 12 eco-fin articles (recent, in a month). In the 5th issue, the team has published a total of 100+ articles, poems, drawings, pictures, and various creative work forms. The recent website, “blog”, which has been around a month and more, has 2.16k all-time views, purely organic marketing.

They encourage young minds to explore their creativity and voice out their opinions through words. Students get a platform to showcase their talents bringing attention to young people who have done and are an inspiration for many of us in society.

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