Mr. Risham Kumar Sah is an 18-year-old passionate Environmentalist. He firmly believes in the transformative power of education and has dedicated several years himself to educating children around his place and advocating for the protection and sustainable management of resources.

His Work,

Currently, he is working as an Education Mentor at The Squad of Changemakers. At Squad, he teaches students the basics of Rocket Science and the making of RC planes and had the privilege of mentoring Nepal’s first-ever Rocket Camp for students with the mission to promote Nepal’s Space Dream 2024. He is also leading the project to initiate those workshops in Janakpur, Biratnagar, and Dharan. With this project, they are aiming to outreach more than 120+ schools by 2024. He is also serving as Project manager and Tutor at AuraED where he promotes digital literacy, sessions on the recent advancement in technology, graphic design, and many more at governmental schools, orphanages, and other NGO-run schools.

Moreover,  he is also leading the “Banana Fiber” project at Chitwan with his other fellows of One Million Asia Leaders. This project seeks to reduce waste and encourage women’s businesses by replacing poly bags with eco-friendly banana fiber bags. He also co-founded the environmental platform “Dirt Doctors” with four other high school students from different countries. This effort serves as a bridge between farmers and soil testing groups, allowing farmers to grow more effectively.

Currently, he and his team are working on Public-Guff (a study of language obstacles in Nepalese public spaces) and Surakshya (an app designed to provide women with safety measures). Further, he has been part of several community service projects.


Likewise, his project “Bambana” have reached 200+ farmers on the adaptation of our Bambana boxes as an alternative to those plastic boxes that are used for food transportation. He also volunteered in the Book donation Campaign with the aim of making a library for 240+ underprivileged children. They have conducted 100+ workshops on Aviation, Rocket Science, and Astronomy impacting more than 5000 students. Conducted sessions in more than 30+ schools directly impacting more than 2500 underprivileged students of our community.

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