Ms. Sadiksha Ghimire is an 18-year-old Health Activist. She always speaks out and raises her voice against gender inequality, child and women violence, child marriage, superstition related to menstruation, online safety, etc topic. She has a huge interest in literature, public speaking, and exploring new things. Adding to that, she has participated in many speeches, poems, Quiz competitions, etc.

Her Work,

She has been working from the age of 10 being an active member of the child club. Currently, she is involved in the National adolescent girls network, and girls out loud Nepal. She works to bring positive change in society visiting different schools to provide knowledge about child rights, menstrual hygiene, online safety, and so on. And she has been involved in health camps. She is mainly focused on the prevention of online sexual exploitation of children by providing sessions to teenagers from child clubs. She is engaged in 4+ child clubs where she facilitates training and sessions. Further, she also works to spread awareness regarding menstruation. Also, she has also received the role model award 2023 and her turn leadership award.

Further, she works to build community engagement to understand their health needs and concerns. She empowers individuals by organizing workshops and sessions. She works to develop and distribute informational materials and conduct workshops, seminars, and public talks to educate individuals and communities.


She is impacting young minds by making them aware of child rights, menstrual hygiene, and online safety. She is also reaching out to students and understanding their problems with not being able to visit schools. Her volunteering work and the initiation have helped several children and teens by making them aware of online abuse, and exploitation. Her work has impacted 100+ people from her work and initiation.

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