Mr. Sagar Budha is a 17-year-old passionate environmentalist. He is a person who embodies the values of Impactful Advocacy, Inspiring Leadership, Empowerment, and Amplification, Innovation and Creativity, Collaboration and Coalition Building, Resilience, Perseverance, Inspiration, and Role Modeling, which encourages continued efforts and inspires others to participate in activism for positive social change.

His Work,

Currently, he is working on a variety of non-profit organizations to bring about positive changes in the environment, health, and human development, as well as being the president of my own non-profit organization. He is the President of the influential Eco Club, driving positive change. Raised awareness, and promoted sustainability through impactful events, and campaigns. Organized, communicated, motivated team, and mobilized volunteers. Passionate about transforming the world through leadership, and environmental advocacy.

He has organized many school campaigns and awareness campaigns regarding community clean-up drives, recycling initiatives, and green projects by collaborating with local organizations and bodies. He is also involved in advocacy and policy engagement regarding environmental protection and recycling.


By leading projects with a group of students, he has impacted the community by spreading awareness and knowledge regarding the importance of the environment and global warming. He works to influence the community and the students regarding climate action, environment conservation, and biodiversity conservation. He runs the campaign at the school and community level.

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