Mr. Sagar Gupta is 17 years old and a passionate and award-winning AI scientist, researcher, and content creator. He has a strong background in mathematics, biology, and physics, and has participated in various national and international competitions and projects related to these fields.

His Work,

He is passionately engaged in tackling significant real-world issues through the power of mathematical models. His focus revolves around finding solutions to pressing problems like cardiovascular disease, agricultural productivity, and the impact of AI on employment. Also, he is focusing on mathematically showing the effects of AI on the labor market, particularly the potential of AI to replace and displace certain vocations in the market.

As a researcher, he is working on Modeling the impact of community awareness on the dynamics of Cardiovascular diseases. In this project, he proposed and analyzed a non-linear mathematical model to control the prevalence of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) in communities through awareness disseminated by word of mouth. The analysis revealed that community awareness can significantly reduce the density of CVD people.” He also Led a team for observation of Near-Earth Object and Main Belt Asteroid; Analyzed high-quality astronomical images from Pan-Star as a Citizen Scientist in International Astronomical Search Collaboration. He has also won many awards for his work like National Biology Olympiad Gold Medalist, Opportunity Fund 2024, and so on.


His works have had a positive impact on society by providing mathematical-evidence-based solutions to address a significant health concern – cardiovascular diseases. Through his mathematical modeling- the first study of its kind in the world-, he has proven that promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to talk more about it can lead to a substantial prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, he is looking forward to working with the government. Thousands of people could be prevented from falling into cardiovascular diseases.


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