Mr. Shubham Upreti is a 17-year-old Artist. He is a visionary leader and accomplished professional in the realm of Arts and Club Leadership. With a diverse background in content team leadership, he has demonstrated a commitment to artistic excellence and preservation of it.

His Work,

As a Founder and Chief Executive of the Student Alliance For Creation, he is focused on promoting Nepalese artworks and photography on a global scale, committed to the research and documentation of Ancient Nepalese Heritage and Architecture. And, contributing significantly to the promotion and preservation of Nepalese Art and Ancient Heritage research. He is working as a content creator at Aura Ed, where he crafts educational content and visual materials, enriching the teaching and learning experience for children.

Additionally, he is contributing as a Content Writer for Healthy Students Youth Club, where his blogs and website management have played a vital role in promoting health awareness among students. His dedication to knowledge and intellectual pursuits has earned him recognition as the winner of a prestigious Quiz Competition held in Lalitpur Metropolitan City.  Further, he is also the president of the Trinity Arts and Literature Society where he works on Organizing events and competitions, related to arts and literature.


His initiative has made a tangible and positive impact on society by creating an inclusive platform where emerging students can confidently showcase their artistic talents. The initiative’s influence extends beyond visual arts alone. This cross-disciplinary collaboration has resulted in a dynamic and enriching environment where individuals can learn from each other, share their expertise, and explore new perspectives.

Further, his initiative has opened doors for researchers with a keen interest in architectural and historical exploration. These individuals may not identify as visual artists, but their dedication to preserving and promoting art and culture aligns perfectly with the alliance’s values. By providing a platform for such researchers, the initiative has widened its scope and enriched the cultural landscape of Nepal.

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