Ms. Shruti Tiwari is an 18-year-old “social crusader,” an environmental activist, and a dedicated advocate for positive change. Her impactful journey revolves around addressing pressing issues like plastic pollution, climate change, and social justice through compelling interviews, engaging dramas, and impactful films. She is a champion for a sustainable future, utilizing the power of media and community engagement to drive positive change.

Her Work,

She is actively engaged in various social and environmental initiatives, demonstrating her dedication to creating positive change in society. As an advocate for children’s rights, She has raised awareness about child marriages and abuse, partnering with organizations like Ekikrit Child Club to intervene in cases and safeguard children’s futures. She has taken part in impactful campaigns like the “Plasticman Campaign,” reducing single-use plastic consumption. Additionally, she has led a successful tree-planting endeavor with organizations like SAVE THE CHILDREN and WWF NEPAL, making a positive impact on the environment. Motivated over 20 Dalit and Janjati girls by sharing her personal journey of transformation.

She also encouraged them to stand up for themselves and take active roles in society. This initiative took place on the International Day of the Girl Child. Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, she has also supported the LGBTQI+ community, engaging in discussions to address the challenges and discrimination they face. Her efforts received international recognition, with BBC UK interviewing her for her outstanding work.


Working with Ekikrit Child Club, they have safeguarded vulnerable children and provided them with a safer environment to thrive. Additionally, celebrating festivals like Diwali and Raksha Bandhan with orphans has brought joy and a sense of belonging to these children, contributing to their emotional well-being. Her works have had a far-reaching positive impact on society, promoting environmental conservation, protecting children’s rights, raising climate change awareness, advocating for gender equality, and inspiring others to take part in creating a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Through active engagement and collaboration with various organizations and communities, She has been able to make a meaningful difference by stopping the 12 child marriage and 3 Child abuse and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

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