Mr. Prakash Pant is a 17 years old Enthusiastic Mathematician. He has always been a person enjoying numbers obsessed with infinite possibilities. This has led him to dream of someday being a researcher and mathematician in the International Arena and receiving the Fields Medal as a Nepali Mathematician.

His Work,

Currently, he has been working at Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal working on his website contents and problem-solving from the journals to get it published with the name Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal so as to represent Nepal in International Platform. He has been currently involved as a Student Research Fellow at Nepal Research and Collaboration Centre.

Also, successfully concluded ETA(Education To All) which was a great success for enlightening and awakening young minds. He along with his friends has been continuously involved in animated content making with short educational videos mainly in the field of science and mathematics for kids and teens. He also participated in the mathematics olympiad and received AMO 2021 Gold, SIMOC 2022 Silver, IYMC 2022 Gold, IMMC 2023 Honourable Mention, and IMO 2023. Along with this, he is also expecting to make help in mathematical learning in Nepal. content through Saajha Notes for Nepali Students.


All of his involvements are to provide content for many like him who want to learn. Collaborating with his friends from his Alma Mater, he has been advising a team of 12 about “How exactly to address the problem and bring our Juniors from remote backgrounds to mainstream Nepali Education?” And as a result, they have already reached more than 753 students physically from Syangja, Pokhara, Surkhet, Tanahun, Chitwan, and Jhapa, and around 80+ students from our online sessions.

The Rising population aims to exponentially increase the number in the future. Also, he gets connected to his juniors through educational platforms on youtube, and Craze 4 Info, and helps them in doubt-solving and clearing their confusion in educational materials. This has helped them not only to learn but a feeling that they should also contribute to their juniors.


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